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    I have a brood Serama hen who is about 10 months old. When she's laying, she lays every day - and she was the first one to lay of my 5 original - now 4 :( - chickens. But when she's broody...

    Anyway, she has been broody twice before - the first time for about 5 days, the second time (about a month later) for 14 days. She stopped on her own. This time, she is on her 40th day - no eggs, and every time I go out to the run, she is in the nest box. She seems to be eating a little, but she is looking pretty ragged and hasn't laid. This has to stop.

    After doing some research, I have tried just pulling her out of the nest box (and remove any eggs) whenever I go out to check on the chickens. I just put her on the ground with the others and some treats. She stays out for awhile, but then goes back up to the nest box.

    I have tried taking her out of the coop/run area completely to hang with the humans for awhile, letting her range about and eat our garden, but after 20 minutes or so, she tires of this and marches back to the run to be let back in - and 4 minutes later, she's back in the nest box.

    I have tried locking her out of the nest box with food and water (in a separate but adjoined run) - she gets agitated, pacing back and forth in front of the door all day, and at the end of the day when I let her out, she just marches straight up to the nest box.

    I now have her in a crate in the house (lined with only newspaper), with water and food. She was squawking for awhile, but now she is just sitting - not eating or anything.

    How long should I do this? Should I put her back in with the others each night, or keep her in the crate for a few days, hoping this will break her from being broody? Is there something else I can do?

    Thanks! I miss my little Serama eggs, and she needs to be with her friends - even if she doesn't know it!
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    Let her become a mother!!!! after 40 days i wouldn't add another 21 by letting her hatch so i'd get a day old chick and slip it under her at night and let her raise it.

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