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    I went to collect my eggs today and found my six month old Black Java hen in the next box. I reached under her and collected four eggs. She pecked at me a bit, but didn't put up much of a fight. She's only been laying for about two weeks. How did she manage to get four eggs? Did she just watch where other hens laid their eggs and then just deposited hers on top? Is this a sign that she has a strong broody tendency? Is this normal for a young hen? Don't they normally go broody in the fall?

    Can you tell I'm new to all of this?
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    I had three hens go broody on me this year... all in the middle of high heat in July. I hope they don't do that again.
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    My Silkie hen went broody for the first time after laying for about 2 weeks too. She only lays about 2-3 weeks in between each broody cycle, which is often because I never let her keep her chicks after the first few days, she's on her 4th clutch this year already (I think, or it could be the 5th)...she's nuts. I can even force her if I give her a clutch and physically set her on them!

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