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    Oh, she's fine....another learning curve for you ;)
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    Thanks. She decided to bring them back into the cage last night. So it will live on the coop floor until she decides she’s done with it.
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    Happy Friday! Some of you may have seen on another thread that we lost a chick on Sunday, presumably from coccidiosis (or maybe vitamin deficiency? toxin? don’t know... it was quick). Happy to report that remaining three and Mama Cashew are still doing well. Tiny, the Buckeye, is growing slower than the other two, but seems good. It’s kind of funny that the California White, Dorothy (or “Dottie”) looks like she’s not going to end up with spots after all. Ester the Barred Rock is huge. Her Aunt Bridgette is also a big girl, so maybe it’s a Barred Rock thing? This round of chicks has been a rough learning curve, but I’m still loving it!
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