Brought home 3 new girls yesterday, have quarantine failure.


10 Years
Aug 20, 2009
East Central VA
I drove down to a fellow BYC member's place to pic up 3 new NHR pullets yesterday that are approx 24 weeks old. And let me tell ya... these girls are HUGE!!! They look great, they are very friendly and the whole flock cleaned off my bumper, tires, mud flaps and grill yesterday while we were talking. Don't have pics yet, by the time I got home we were about to be inundated with a really heavy t-storm and I've been working on the new run all day today.

I put them in the current run and tacked a chunk of plywood over the pop hole to keep my resident girls separated. Did a mad dash to get the run covered with a tarp because they kept trying to fly through the chicken wire on the top. By the time we got everything settled the wind started up and the lightening...... The mutt roo who is training for freezer camp in his little pop up wire dog cage was getting blown all over the place. He might be going to the freezer but I'm not about to let him endure a storm like that without some type of shelter so we decided to slip his cage in with the new girls for the night, cover him up with part of the tarp and move him back out in this morning.

Fast forward to this morning. Everything is nice and quiet, damage was minimal so I go to check on the roo and get him moved.

The hunk of plywood was not over the pop hole any more. The roo wasn't in his cage, apparently we jostled the lock loose while moving it last night.

I looked around expecting to find my EE pullets dead because of the roo but they were fine, they were with my mutt hen scratching around like normal. He was over trying to court the NHR's!! He was being civil to them.
I just stood and watched for a moment, every time the roo or the NHR's got close to the mutt hen or the EE pullets the hen would flog them.

So now that my quarantine has totally been blown
.... Can I leave them like this? or should I separate again? So far today the only trouble I've seen is when the roo or the new girls get too close to the hen or the pullets, the hen flogs them immediately. The run I should finish in another hour or so will double the space available.
I'd would still try to quarantine. There is still a chance if your new girls are ill that your existing flock may have escaped catching it.....
Yeah we separated them after opening the new run up. Put the roo back in his cage too since he tried attacking me..... tried being the key word, I got really good at dealing with mean roos many years ago.

Though I still really would like to have 1 good roo, that would be nice.
The sweetest roo I've ever had is my white silkie Spike. He actually likes to be picked up and hugged. Then there is my tiny OEGB roo who behaves like a whirling chinese throwing star.........

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