Brower 845 Incubator, How to use it?


10 Years
Sep 3, 2009
Prescott, Ontario
So I got this Brower 845 incubator from a yard sale. The woman said it works, and I am inclined to believe her as I have dealt with her on a number of occasions.
So anyone able to tell me how to use it? I have never used an incubator before, and I will be buying a brand new one, but I thought I would give this one a shot first. My husband checked it over and said that all the components are working, so how do I use it?
Thanks for all advice.
I've seen them, but never used one. You could ask dzipperer. She is on BYC and had one for sale.

I would think the basics are the same. You need to set it up and run it and check the temps with a good thermometer. From the photos I've seen there should be a shallow dish for water, under the screen that holds the eggs. It is a still air, and no turner, so you'll have to hand turn the eggs.

The thermostat is wafer, so you turn the handle on the outside to raise or lower the temperature. You should hear it click on and off. I do recall that dzipperer said she kept hers at 100 degrees and it hatched well for her.

Good Luck!
Oh, and if the wafer thermostat isn't working, they are easily replaced and not very expensive. You can find them online from poultry supply sites like Randall Burkey.
HI, I'm new to this sight. I just found your remark about having the instructions for a Brower 845 in PDF. If you still have that file, I'd sure appreciate a copy of it. I just inherited a Brower and truly want to set it up. Thanks for your help. Cavry. [email protected]
db thanks for the help. Had to close all the vents to get to 100. You're right, nothing wrong with the heater element. I checked the outlet and found 94 volts only, on this line. It's split to something else I'm going tro have to find. Moved to another outlet and it stabilized in about 3 hours at 103.
You are welcome. I'm just an enabler at heart. I can't count the number of folks I have provided with instruction sheets for their various incubators.

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