Brown Chinese incubation Help Needed Please


8 Years
Jun 14, 2011
I have 2 BC eggs that are in incubation, set to hatch on thursday. However, the last time I candled them, one of them looked strange. It looked like it had a blood ring at the air pocket, is this normal? I don't know if they will hatch or not. How can I tell if they will hatch?? Just looking for some help, thanks!
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When I hatched mine out last spring I noticed that some of my eggs looked like that as well. We could hear the babies inside of their shells and my daughter whistled at them to encourage them to hatch. If you kept your mositure level up they should hatch. If you didn't they may need a little help as goose eggs are very hard. I am pretty new to geese myself and it was my first try at hatching them. Good Luck!

Hi there

If you can take any pictures that would help a lot and also an update please.

Here's a link to an Incubation Guide that may help you.

Good luck with your incubation.


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