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    Please use the "REPORT" button on the transaction thread to report to staff any continuing disputes regarding transactions. Answer the questions below if you have had a buyer or seller fail to complete a transaction with you. You must wait a reasonable amount of time and have tried repeatedly to resolve the issues privately before reporting it to staff. Please save any email pertaining to the transactions but do not forward it to us at this time.
    No whining and no name calling, just the facts. BYC does not supervise any BSTG transactions nor will BYC facilitate resolutions to any disputes. However, BYC does collect information on reported disputes and if a member is repeatedly reported as failing to complete transactions within a reasonable time frame then that member may have their BYC membership restricted.
    Please remember to also report if a dispute has been resolved.

    Please supply the following information only:

    Buyer's name
    Seller's name
    Date of agreement
    Link to thread
    Payment received (yes or no)
    Shipment received (yes or no)
    BRIEF description of failed transaction
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