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    Mar 18, 2017
    Hi there! I am new here and incredibly new to chickens in general, but I'm deeply in love with my small flock. I have only had them for two weeks, and they are all about 5 months old. One of my pullets has been sneezing since she came to us, but she has always looked incredibly alert and healthy, and hasn't showed any signs of anything being wrong other than the occasional sneeze. Every morning, I try to check all of them for anything more serious while they get acclimated, and today I noticed that my sneezing girl had small bubbles in the corner of her eye. Additionally, she seems to have diarrhea. The bubbles were barely noticeable, but the combination of things has me worried. She seems to be active and her behavior is still completely normal, from what I can tell.
    What could this be? What are my options? I passionately don't want to lose any of my flock, they have already made themselves a part of the family.

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    Welcome to BYC. She may have mycoplasma (MG) or another respiratory disease, but definitely hard to know which without having her tested. That could be done with a nasal swab by your vet locally, or you could contact your local extension agent. She doesn't sound that ill, so you could watch her to see if she gets worse. Tylan 50 injectable is an antibiotic that can treat MG symptoms. It doesn't cure MG, but would help symptoms if they get worse. As she is right now, I probably wouldn't use the Tylan. It can be given orally or by injection if you choose to use it. Hopefully she just may have a virus such as infectious bronchitis that will run it's course over a few weeks. But she also may be sneezing from environmental reasons like dust in feed or in the bedding.

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