bubbles in eye, when cleared,red swollen eye


10 Years
Jul 29, 2010
New Glarus
Ok so went to see my girls this morning to bring our treats and noticed that a new hen ( 2-3 months with us) that is about 2 years old looked almost like she lost an eye. When I pulled her down, her one eye was covered in bubbles. When I helped her blink and wiped them out, it is red and sore looking. Not swollen as much as sunken a little. She is otherwise acting normal and I had thought she was laying but not sure. she is a duccle. She is in with over a dozen other birds, but is shy and tends to stay by herself. Might be first time in colder weather ( got down to low 30s or upper 20s last night) as she was raised in a barn without heat. No wind, but still cold.

any thoughts.
I have a few with the same problem right now and it happened just as it started to get colder as well. I took one to the vet and they gave me Tylan powder and antibiotic eye drops. I guess the eye bubbles are a sign of an upper respiratory infection. I didn't have any of the recommended tests done because I'm not paying an extra $150+. From what I've read on here, I think you can purchase tylan at certain feed stores. None of the feed stores in my area carry it though. Sorry,I know this is not very helpful but at least you're not alone. I'm interested in what others have to say on this thread.

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