Bubbly Eye and Sneezing

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    Oct 13, 2013
    I just dealt with this 3 weeks ago and gave everyone 8 days of antibiotics. The survivors got well (I did have a few not sick). Now one of them is sick again. Should I just cull her? I can't keep antibiotics in my flock, that's counter productive considering I keep them for eggs. She is only 23wks old. Suggestions? I've do herbal stuff as well to keep their immune systems boosted such as garlic, echinacia, carrots, ACV, yogurt... I'm just getting discouraged fighting a losing battle.
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    What might be a very good idea is to cull and have a necropsy done so you know exactly what you are dealing with in your flock. Some of these diseases will just keep coming back all the time, others can be treated and you may not see symptoms again, though birds remain carriers. We treated our older flock for infectious bronchitis two years ago, haven't had a recurrence since. But other diseases are much harder to manage and just keep popping up.

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