Buckeye X Cornish X breeding project. Third generation pics pg. 20


12 Years
Apr 29, 2007
Well they are getting close, I'm just waiting for some nicer sunny days and of course those fertile eggs. I'm curious to see what I get out of this cross, I will take anything at this point just to show they can actually breed without any problems. Seriously, they are like taking care of any other laying flock.... The only difference is, they don't roost I just make sure they have plenty of bedding. The incubator is fired up just awaiting that lucky day.


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They look good....mmmmm......Oh sorry.....drooled a bit.

Can't wait to see what you get from them. Should be interesting.
Are those birds you just kept over? Also what kind of rooster is that? Picture just loaded. Could it be a Buckeye rooster?
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It's a buckeye rooster and the best 8 hens from 400 birds.... yep I just kept them and I'm simply going to see what happens. Just waiting for this stinkin' snow to melt.
WOW! You really are a professional!
Looks like you're working on the same sort of cross as I am. How old are those girls? and how much do they weigh? they look like they have been more carefully fed and cared for than mine, and are maybe a little more manageable weight. are they laying yet? if so how are they handling the weight of the roo? Do you have an issue with dirty butts? mine are horrindous!
Your roo is just beautiful, how much does he weigh?
Mine don't roost either and they have bare chests and bellies, so I have to be really carefull what they're laying on.
Uniform growth, fastest growth.... after that I selected the ones that were the most feathered at 5 weeks.

These girls are tanks, the picture doesn't do them justus. You have to select the best of the best to improve lines, many think you have to use the runts... which does the opposite effect.
Professional? No, just a normal guy LOL... who likes chickens.

The ladies are I believe 16 and 20 weeks. I pulled them from two batches so they would lay at different times. Weight, I'm not sure but they are sure heavy... as soon as they start free ranging I will weigh them. Right now they are coop potatoes as the weather is garbage. Cared for... well all I do it throw them about 10 lbs a feed every two days. It's so cold that they use up a lot for just staying warm. But as soon as the weather breaks they will be on a strict diet so they forage more.

They are not laying yet but should start in the month of March I would like to think. The rooster weighed 9 pounds at the beginning of winter and he was still young. He is now a year old, and will start packing on some weight when the weather warms up. No the butts are clean, not sure if feed has anything to do with that or not but our feed is milled from whole grains every two weeks or so to keep it fresh.

I choose not to let mine roost due to the fact of them jumping down from the roost in the morning. These birds are so heavy, I'm not sure they can come back from a leg injury.... and I don't want to find out so I just let them sleep on the floor and they seem quite content.

I will keep updates as I get some eggs in the incubator.

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