12 Years
Sep 6, 2011
A little roo and three hens possibly?


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I've got three more that age, just couldn't get them all in the pic. Along with 5 that are a couple weeks old, plus another 4 that a broody hen just hatched. Really don't know what I'm gonna do with them all.
Are Buckeyes sex-linked? My two Buckeye chicks Erie and Kaska were two weeks old and had significant color differences, with Erie (female) being a bright tan and Kaska (most likely male) having a darker brown coloration. They both have the slate underfluff, so they are probably pretty pure-breeds, but I want to know. Also I have a picture, but my phone is being weird and not letting me post it, so I tried my best to describe the two. Thanks in advance!
(also Kaska is 2 months older now, and has a prominent comb while Erie doesn't so that's why I believe he's male)
I wouldn't call them sex linked but my males do tend to have more color as chicks, at least until they molt. The old man I got mine from said that at a couple weeks of age the females will have more prominent tail feathers than the males.

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