Buddy's saga, part 2


10 Years
Mar 5, 2009
Humboldt County
First of all, yes, "Jack" has mental issues, and the locals can tell by his behavior if he's taking his meds or not. He's a Viet Nam vet, and hates the gov't and cops. Second, I've been told Jack tried to give Buddy away on at least 3 occasions in the last 3 weeks. And yes, it's true that he may bite if he feels threatened. He cannot live with anyone who isn't even-tempered or would "spank" the dog for any reason, as he's likely to defend himself. To Buddy's credit, however, he tolerates wearing the E-collar (he scratches his inflamed flea-allergy skin constantly).
Well, more good news. On Monday I called one of our rescue organizations, "Companion Animal Foundation", about getting a voucher for a reduced fee neutering for Buddy. I was answering the usual questions (age, weight, etc) and was asked where I got him. I said, "Well, maybe you're familiar with that guy on the plaza named Jack, and his dog, Mr. Nobody?" The woman said "Oh my god! You've got Mr. Nobody!? I've been trying to get that dog away from him for years!" She was litterally sobbing, and had to take a moment to continue the conversation. She said she was going to make some phone calls and get back to me. She called back, and told me she called the police station with the news, and the cops whooped and celebrated! She said she'd pay for the neuter, the rabies and distemper/parvo vax, and the pre-surgery senior blood panel, PLUS gave me a $40 gift card for Petco to buy him a new collar and some "quality" food!!!
She had bought him a "cage muzzle", so the dog could pant, and a wide-banded harness, so he wouldn't have to use the choke chain. Jack, however, continued to use the nylon muzzle AND the choke chain, as well as the harness. Buddy has deep scars on his muzzle near his eyes, and scar tissue around his neck from the choke chain, which was always held very tightly. Try to imagine - Jack held the choke chain (attached to a leash) and the harness (attached to another leash) about 12 inches from Buddy's neck at all times. He kept the dog very close - against Jack's leg always.
On Sunday, my DH and I walked Buddy and one of my other dogs, Blue, to the school to let him run off-leash. Buddy thought he was in Heaven! He galloped and panted and sniffed and discovered what it's like to be a dog w/out a muzzle! It's as if he was saying, "What's this? How long has this been going on!?"
Buddy goes to the vet Thurs. to be "tutored " (I really believe they're way smarter when that testosterone level drops!).
I'm hoping Companion Animal Foundation can help me find him a forever home. I have 6 dogs, and he deserves more one-on one attention from an understanding and dedicated human. He does'nt even LOOK at my chickens, goats, horses, but shows some interest in the cats

More later...

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