budgie taming tips please

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  1. I need tips for taming my budgie who has never had his wings clipped and just got them clipped.

    He is very scared of people. And once he is tamed I would like to teach him tricks and how to talk, so please give me tips for that to.

    thanks :)
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    i read a long time ago something about covering their cage for like a week and because they are social birds they will be more likely to accept you. i personally dont like that idea . maybe if ALL its food source came from your hand . it would be more willing but that too sounds mean. i think patience is the key.
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    From what I understand (what I was told by someone with tons of budgerigar experience), budgies prefer one individual/owner. My daughter has had a budgie for about four years. The bird adores her and will come out of the cage and perch on her shoulder, glasses, or just hang out near her. It attempts to peck at anyone else in the house. -won't even come out of the cage if other people are around. Also, males are the ones that usually talk. The females usually do not. (have no idea why this is) My daughter's chirps and sings, but won't say a word. She has worked extensively with it for years. It is a female. -very sweet bird and a perfect pet for my daughter, just not much in the way of vocalization.

    -best of luck with yours, and I hope that you have success with teaching your bird to talk, etc.!
  4. I totally agree
  5. thanks

    I'll try
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    The way I taught my budgie to talk in the past was to take the cage into my bedroom at bed time, and talk to him in the dark. Same phrase over and over. More recently I 'cheated' - recorded the phrase onto my ipod and left it playing (low volume) beside the cage all night. [​IMG]

    Once the synaptic connection for learning words 'clicks' in their brain, budgies are AMAZING learners.

    As for taming... he will probably step up onto your finger now that you've clipped him, but please remember that he has to fight all of his instincts to do so. If he bites, it is out of FEAR. Sit beside him and let him watch you work. Chat to him constantly. Let him get comfortable with you. Trust is so important.

    Good luck!
  7. thanks the cheating part is so helpful cause i have an ipod that i can record with

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