Buff Barred Bantam Cochin project pair - 3.5 months, pick up only, FL

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    I have a pair of young birds from my Buff Barred Cochin project that need a new home...I can only have so many roos! They are about 3.5 months old, the cockerel is just getting his saddle feathers. Cockerel has very minimal barring (I can't quite decide if it's there or not), but the hen's is more obvious. If the cockerel is not truly barred then the offspring will be sexlinked (hens solid buff and roos barred), but if he does carry the gene then all offspring have a chance of being barred. Pick up only in Polk City, FL (or in Lakeland), between Orlando and Tampa.

    ETA: The roo in the pic is the daddy to these guys. [​IMG]

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    sent you a pm
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    I wish I could have both but I could only take the pullet. [​IMG]

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