Buff Brahma do I have 1 boy and 1 girl?

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    I have 2 surviving buff brahma chicks from 3 that hatched. I think they are about 5 or 6 weeks old. One is a soft brownish color, the other is redish with a black stripe along it's spine and white patches on it's shoulders. Here's a bad photo. They are the 2 chicks that are furthest in the back. I think the girl is on the right, looking at the camera and the boy is in front of her, looking away. There is no noticeable comb development yet. The rest are a bunch of silkies that were trying to get in the way. Am I right that one is a boy, and one a girl?

    . [​IMG]

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    They're way too young to sex. We'll have a better idea of gender when they're 6-8 weeks old, though Brahmas are slow maturing, so it may be even later than that before you can be sure.
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