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    This is "BugBeak" He is a Buff Brahma that I purchased as a hen !! Ooops! fortunately, he has turned out to be hands down the most amazing rooster I have ever owned. All of the others sadly have needed to either go to new homes or off to auction as they were way too loud for my liking and my neighbors! I have to say for a breed that is new to me the buff Brahmas are a wonderful addition. For a rooster he is unbelievably docile and quiet. Crowing only 2 or 3 times in the morning midday and at bedtime, I can't complain. Not to mention the fact that he is so handsome[​IMG] & crows quite beautifully by comparison to the others!
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    Aww what a guy!

    He looks like he has snuggly soft feathers!
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    I had a Lt Brahma sexing mistake myself and had him until he was 15 weeks old. Good boy, very sweet and docile. I sold him since he was not in my plans, but honestly, I sometimes think maybe I should have kept him. I love Brahmas. I have a 7 year old Buff Brahma hen that I adore, my Caroline.

    Your guy is very handsome. And the big guys have those deeper crows that I also love.
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    If I were a hen I'd stake my claim on him! What a looker!
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    Mar 28, 2013
    He looks like two different birds on the top and bottom. :)

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