Buff Brahmas at 10 weeks. Gender?


8 Years
Apr 19, 2013
Boise, ID
I have two Buff Brahma chicks 9-10 weeks old. They are different in color/pattern, tail structure and comb development. Are they different sexes or am I looking for too much of a uniform appearance in a pair of chicks at this age? Please let me know what you think of them! #1: Lighter in color pattern, shorter tail, less pronounced comb #2: Darker in pattern, longer tail, reddish pea comb developing Any ideas? Please include explanations of your opinions
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What exactly makes you think so? I was just looking up combs on Brahmas and they are very similar to the second chick's, only on grown hens. Could she just be an early bloomer?
The red comb, and the darker color patches appearing, especially on the shoulders, are indicators. A hen that is an 'early bloomer' may get a slightly larger comb than normal, but that kind of redness *usually* only appears on hens at sexual maturity. Cockerels start developing it at a younger age. Another indicator to watch for, which may show up later, I can't tell from the pics, are slender, shiny, pointed feathers growing in just in front of the tail and drooping down: saddle feathers. Only roosters get them.
thank you for the replies. is there any reason the tail length would be an indicator or is that just a variety in genetics from one chick to another?

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