Buff Cuckoo Orpingtons

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  1. Krys109uk

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    I've just had my first go with my daughter's digital camera....bought a new lead. [​IMG]

    A few people have talked about buff barred or cuckoo birds so I thought I'd try to get some pics of the Buff Cuckoo Orps we've been making. Unfortunately the birds had other ideas. Thus with my being very inept with these cameras with zooms & stuff... & the birds refusing to pose I got mostly pictures of two of the cockerels' bums. [​IMG] Still the pics do show the markings. These cockerels are just over 7 months old; they were hatched last September after I came back from Britain.

    This is the only pic where Ididn't chop the cockerel's head off. [​IMG]
    Please ignore pullet in front, she's a mess, but she fancied having some treats too. [​IMG].

    The next two show the markings.
    The taller of the cockerels has a tad bit of peppering in the tail. which is undesirable but it isn't showing in the pic.



    Anyone know how to get chickens to pose? [​IMG]
  2. SportTees

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    Pretty- was the roo of hen the orp?
  3. Krys109uk

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    Those cockerels have not been bred with any females yet. The pullet in the pic will not be used for breeding. She is a cull roaming around.
  4. sara

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    Krys~ He's so neat! Glad you found a camera cord [​IMG]
  5. havi

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    Mar 23, 2008
    Waco, Texas
    Ohh send that pullet my way. I love the markings on her! The only trick I know to get them to pose, is to hold a treat in your hand and then take the picture. You gotta be fast though. Lol. Cause sometimes they will grab the treat out of your hand while your trying to get the picture and before you know it, your flat on your butt with no picture no chickens and a mess. Can you tell Ive been down that road before? [​IMG]
  6. BamaChicken

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    Nov 14, 2007
    so glad you got some pics up. The color is great on that cockerel. I do like that color. Look forward to seeing more. Julie
  7. Jeff9118

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    Feb 21, 2009
    Greenup KY
    Wow how beautiful and very typey, Julie mentioned these and they are beautiful. What is the dark roo in background of pic #2? I would love to see closer pics of him. Looks mottled.
  8. skeeter9

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    Absolutely gorgeous! Gotta love those Orps!
  9. Grace

    Grace Out Of The Brooder

    Feb 19, 2009
    Lovely birds! I just love the buff barred color.

  10. Huny

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    Nov 14, 2008
    Sunny Southern Arizona
    So did you take a Cuckoo Roo with a Buff Orp Gal?

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