Buff Ducks Vs. Blue Swedish Ducks

All I can do is tell you about my buff since I have never had a Swedish....

Lana is loud. She is also cute, funny, and has a lot of personality. But yeah...what a mouth on that girl!

She is a pretty good egg layer but does take some time off in the Winter.

I think both the Buff and the Swedish are considered dual purpose birds...can't find info on eggs laid per year for the Swedish. For the Buff it is over 200.
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Thank you!

Sorry I was getting my son dinner, he became hungry...

I want them for eggs and as pets, that is it....And look wise which is better looking, in "your" mind.
I think the black Swedish ducks are really cute. Lana is a dirt magnet and on her light colored feathers, it really shows.
Why choose get a couple of each. If you aren't breeding then there's no problem with having one each of several varieties.

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