buff orphington red raw on belly missing feathers help!!


6 Years
Apr 19, 2013
I have a flock of 8, 2 rhode island red 2 buff orphington 2 araucana 2 light brahma all 2 years old always be in good health never had mites. Today I go pick up my head hen Juicy (buff) and notice her underside is missing some feathers and is all red and just skin :( I am freaking out dont know what it is or what to do the other girls are just fine although I notice some of there legs have a red like stripe down them what is this?? it has been quite wet around here dont know if thats a factor I check for what i have read for mites under wings around vent I am not seeing anything abnormal.. I clean the coop out every month and spread Diatamatious earth every where she has already molted just a few months ago so i know thats not it and she is only missing the feathers on her belly :( Please help I work at a feed store and no one there is very smart about chicken health but I have access to just about anything i may need to get her better just dont know what I need!!

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