Buff Orphingtons...Pullets?


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I have 2 BO's who are between 7 and 8 weeks old. They were straight run, but we thought they looked like pullets. With Nugget, there is no doubt of her gender. Honey is a different story. She just acts a bit differently. Her comb and beak area are beginning to turn a dark pink. She is in the first two pics. The last pic is of Nugget who doesn't have this coloring in her face. What do you guys think? Pullets?

She or He.jpg
She or He 2.jpg
Some where I read that the sex of a very young chicken can be determined by the tail feathers. If the tail feathers are protruding outward it's a pullet. If the chick has a little rounded butt, very short or no tail feathers it will be a rooster. I tested that info out during my last hatch and you know what? It was a really close call - out of 7 chicks I was able to correctly identify 6. I have 41 eggs in the incubator due to hatch June 3rd. I'll band these little guys and gals according to their tail feather presentation and more accurately test this info. I do not remember where I learned about this procedure for sexing baby chicks - if it turns out to be correct it will be a whole lot easier than the other methods I have read about. If it's correct you can identify the pullets in a straight run and save a little money.
I had the same question..... although mine are about 4 weeks old one has gone huge And then tonight found it doing this no sound came out and it did it about 4 times with no sound ?!? Help could I have a baby rooster?!?


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