Buff Orpington chicks shaking their heads? Is something wrong with them?

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    I have 12 chicks in a large brooder on my front porch. They are 5 weeks old as of yesterday, 5/8/16. I was visiting with them and checking on them a little while ago and I noticed several, if not all, of them are shaking their heads... not super hard or for very long, but like a dog much shake it's head if you blow on it's ears.

    My first concern was lice/mites or some other little bug. I didn't get any out to inspect them closely at that time.

    They are in a brooder that 2 older groups have already occupied with no signs of lice or mites.

    Any opinions?
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    I think it can be common for chicks to shake their heads quite a bit, since their feathers are growing in at a very fast rate. My polish chicks did that a lot, and still do at 5 years old. But, still, I would keep an eye out for tiny bugs around the vent and elsewhere on their skin.
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    Ok, thank you. They are settled in for the night.. but tomorrow I will check them out. I hope it's nothing.
  4. DreamsInPink

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    Well I checked them over good today and I didn't see anything, but boy were they mad at me... lol :rolleyes:

    What exactly am I looking for?? I have no idea what chicken lice and mites look like.
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    Trust me youd know them if you see them. Mites are usually colored. Red ones are hard to get rid of and the worst. Lice my girls get as wild birds have access to them currently. There usually like a whitish brown.
  6. DreamsInPink

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    I googled some images, so at least I kind of know what I'm looking for. Thank you!

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