Buff Orpington Cockerel and Easter Egger Bantam Pullet, Harrisburg/York PA


8 Years
Nov 14, 2013
I have a buff orpington cockerel and an EE bantam pullet for free in Harrisburg/York PA area. Both are about 6 weeks old. The buff orpington cockerel is the nicest cockerel I have, so far, compared to the others his age. Which the others will be butchered in a few weeks. I figured I'd try to find him a home first before I eat him myself. He likes to follow you around so I have a soft spot for him now, yet I cannot keep anymore roosters.

The EE bantam pullet I have available is sooo tiny and sweet. She's bullied a lot so if anyone would like to take her, needs to watch when integrating her into a new flock since she's very passive and scared of other flockmates. Please PM if interested or have any questions. Thanks! :)

What's pointing out cockerel in the Easter egger? I was going by the lack of pink in the comb compared to the other boys (straight and rose combs) the same age. This one looked like the other pullets. Also, the hatchery said it to be an Easter egger but don't Easter eggers have beards? This one did not.

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