buff orpington eggs


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Jun 23, 2013
Lexington, sc
I have four buff orpingtons and almost everyday when I go to collect the eggs, there r brown spots on them and I don't know what causes this. It looks like when they lay the egg, they fart on them. I'm tired of washing these eggs. What is going on? Have a blessed day. "Don't worry about tomorrow - God is already there!"
brown spots of you're eggs? well some of my chickens lay eggs speckled with brown spots every day but they don't wash off. I have heard that sometimes worms cause this but not shore. can you post some pictures of you're problem?
can you post some pictures of you're problem?

X 2 - it would be best if you were to post a picture of what it is you are seeing so that we can see it for ourselves because what we envision based on your description may not be what you are actually talking about. They can lay eggs with spots and speckles.

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