Buff Orpington Gender


8 Years
Apr 19, 2012
I had not even questioned my BO's gender up until now, knowing that hens get red combs and wattles eventually. But it's not that one of them has developed red comb and wattles, it's that the other two haven't yet. So now I'm wondering if I have a roo or an early developer OR two late ones. What is the "normal" time frame for comb and wattle development in an average BO? It's not a big deal if I have a roo. This is more a matter of curiosity and I wouldn't have to get rid of it if it is a roo unless they are overly aggressive. So here are some piccies. Sorry, I don't have many leg shots. #1 is Frittata, the bird in question. His/her feathers are fluffy and have an unkempt appearance (not full and smooth). #2 is Custard, almost exactly the same size but with very smooth and full feathers. #3 is Puff, a very small bird with similar messy feathering to Frittata. She's a little ball of fluff. Her size is such that I have been concerned for her health but she is developing the same and seems otherwise healthy so I just keep an eye on her. They are nine weeks old and are just getting their shinier feathers in. All three are overly friendly, as you can see, they will hop in my lap if I kneel down or my back if the knees are taken and gather around my feet when the other nine in the flock couldn't care less. Very clingy birds. ANYWAY, I'm just curious as to everyone's thoughts and experiences. I'm quite content to wait for a crow or an egg but the speculation is fun.

#1 Frittata

#2 Custard

#3 Puff

All three for easy comb development comparison, Custard, Puff and Frittata
Hens start laying around five months on average--that's a very general figure, but it gives you an idea. They start getting a larger, redder comb approx 3ish weeks before they lay. So, at only nine weeks, that is a little rooster.

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