Buff orpington hen confused?


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Oct 4, 2012
Pierson Fl
I have a Buff Orpington hen ( unsure of age but fully grown) that has not laid an egg yet. I have had her about 3+ months and she is full grown. I thought maybe being with a new flock it upset her or stressed her out. Now the funny thing is, is that she will go in the nesting boxes make her a perfect nest and sit there for a hour or so and then go to another nest box and do the same thing. I have 6 nesting boxes. All boxes have nice clean hay in them and you can see where she has scraped around and make them ready for eggs. I have checked her and she is not egg bound, her vent looks fine, no swelling in the abd or anything. I even put 2 golf balls in one nest hoping she would get broody on me, but she just pushed them out of the way and made that nest perfect to her liking and moved on to the next. Anyone with any ideas? No eggs at all from her.
She sounds like she is getting ready to start laying again.... New Home, New nesting spots... She sure sounds like she is trying to find the best nest to lay eggs in...

The stress of a new flock could of stopped her from laying, but she sounds like she is getting over it now...
I keep going to the coop to look for eggs. My other hens stopped laying about 3-4 weeks ago. I also read that the Buff Orpingtons get broody easy also. Fingers crossed!

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