Buff Orpington henbreast swollen.


6 Years
Mar 20, 2013
One of my hens seems to have a fluid fiiled breast. I read on some other threads to massage it so I did that and fluid started coming out of her mouth that was dirty and smelled like poop and some scratch came up with it as well. When massaging it just felt like a ballon filled with fluid. Is this a problem with her crop abd am I doing the right thing. She is acting fine. The breast had gotten so swollen that she has rubbed a patch of feathers off the lower part of her breast from her feet rubbing against the swollen area from walking. Please help.
I think it's either impacted or soured since when I massaged it, it just seems like a fluid filled balloon and it came up and out of her mouth smelling like poop. I haven't seen her poop but she seems fine and is scratching around the run just like the others.
Have you noticed if it's emptied in the morning? It doesn't look much bigger than my girls crops after feasting on worms in the yard.
She hasn't emptied completely this morning but it seems to be better. I brought her in yesterday and crated her. I with held water and food yesterday. I did give her fresh water this morning and will be giving her some organic plain yogurt this afternoon. Still massaging and I feel the graininess of her crop but there is still some fluid as well. She is going poop so that is a good sign. I do think it is soured because her breath does stink when I'm massaging it.
You really should not withhold water--that is what she needs most. Keeping her on a small amount of yogurt or buttermilk (for probiotics,) apple sauce, and soft egg today, then chicken feed mixed with a little water to make it mushy tomorrow would be good. Sour crop is what it sounds like, and it can occur after they have had a bout of impacted crop where the grass or stuck food has rotted. Here are some links for info:

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