Buff Orpington isn't walking after missing for 10 days!


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Sep 17, 2019
My Buff Orpington is about 4-5 years old. She went missing one day and we couldn't find her anywhere in our yard. We checked everywhere and ended up assuming she must've jumped the fence and took off. About 10 days later our son was doing yardwork and found her stuck behind a shed, wedged between the wall and the fence. 10 days stuck there with no food or water, but luckily it was shaded. We moved the shed and pulled her out and she drank a lot of water, but couldn't use her legs. We moved her into a box in her coop and we're hand feeding her and have a water cup for her there. She eats and drinks, but still isn't able to stand up or walk. She just falls over to one side. We were hoping when she got her strength back she would be able to get up. It's been over a week now, but no change. Any suggestions??
Wow, I'm wondering if this is an instance when you need a sling to put her in. It may be that her legs need some physical therapy and gentle exercise. She could get that if she were in a sling where her feet barely touch the floor, with hardly any weight on them. Several people on this forum have done this. Perhaps they will chime in to help.
But on the other hand, at 4 or 5 years old, she is probably past her productive life. Many folks would go ahead and put her down, put her out of her misery.
get her some nutri drench or save a chick , if you can't get that tonight send some one for pedialyte or Gatorade and water it down, soft mash and small amounts after going that long with nothing really in the stomach kind of the brat diet, soft scrambled egg, yogurt,oatmeal something easy on the tummy and start out slow

not sure where the video is about a sling but basically even a towel would work secured across a box or tote, to help her get her legs under her as she may have had circulation issues being stuck too
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