Buff Orpington. Not buff. Not Orpington?


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We are brand new to the chicken thing. We've already learned so much from this website. Thanks!

We have a question about one of our chicks. Dusty was purchased as a buff Orpington. Now that she (hopefully) is feathering out we are pretty sure she did not come as advertised. Does anyone have any guesses as to what she really is? Dusty is the white bird in the middle of the pack, she's about 5 weeks old now. It's not the greatest pic, we can take a better one if necessary.

Thanks again!

If the legs are white/pink- light sussex ; if the legs are yellow- delaware

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Thanks! She has yellow legs, which was the first thing that tipped us off that she might not be a BO, then all the white feathers started coming in. That's 2 strikes for the feed store we got her from. Being new we're not picky about the breed but we also got a bag of buggy food from them too.
Are there any characteristics other than leg color to look for when distinguishing between Delaware and Light Sussex?
Sussex have whiye legs and Delawares have yellow is all I really know.

Light Sussex may get more black feathers around their necks than Delawares.
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Delawares are barred and Sussex are not, but the barring on Delaware hens can be harder to see until they really feather in. On Sussex the black feathers will be solid black, on Delawares they'll be barred. From the look and leg color I'm thinking you have a Delaware pullet.

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