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    i have had 12 buff orpingtons over my 6 month history of raising chickens. (i only have 9 alive now) one has yellow legs. anybody else have a buff orpington with yellow legs.
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    The link above is some information about the "Standard of Perfection" in Orpingtons by the American Poultry Associations. If you read the first paragraph, it will mention that having yellow legs is a disqualification, which I believe could be the result of hatchery-stock chicks. Hope I helped some. [​IMG]
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    Speaking of Heavensent Ranch. Quality breeder, real nice people there. A good place to get real quality foundation stock for a flock if you decide to start over again. I don't work for them or anything, just known them for years. Will be there for you after the sale. If you need to start over again, get some started birds, if you can. Even some of last year's breeders is a great idea. That way you redeem the time lost with faulty birds and get to stay on track for next year's breeding season. Now is the perfect time to inquire as breeders trim their flocks for over-wintering. I did this in Sussex and don't regret it.
    If she doesn't have any started or adult birds, get on her list for Spring 2013 now. Debbi has the Clevenger line of Buff Orpingtons. Very top qualty, vintage old line. Excellent to start out your top quality flock. Yes, the chicks cost a bit more, however, you'll spend years and many hundreds of dollars breeding up to the quality of these birds. So why not start out with them in the first place? Actually, Debbi's cost per chick is very in line with those from top quality vintage lines.
    A thing of beauty is a joy forever,.
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    No need to get rid of the ones you have, just put them in your egg flock, but never breed them with the Heavensent birds, that will screw up decades of careful , masterful breeding in one generation. And take generations to fix .
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