Buff Orpington--rooster it hen?


Aug 1, 2016
In the last few days, I've noticed and heard our buff Orpington making a sound that sounds a lot like crowing. She was the smallest of the 5 chicks we got in early April but is now by far the biggest. None have started laying yet, so I don't have any clues in that regard. I'm attaching some photos and would appreciate any thoughts. Do we have a rooster or have some heard othe female buffs making a crowing sound, unassociated with laying? Thanks for the help!
Thanks for the thoughts and guidance as I navigate the website as a new member. I had a feeling we were dealing with a rooster, but of course this is my 4 year old daughter's favorite of the bunch, so I thought I'd double check! I'm attaching a full side view for good measure. Thanks!

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