Buff Orpington Rooster?


5 Years
Sep 2, 2014
This is my first Buff Orpinton. I bought two other breeds at the same time. They have both started laying eggs. This one has just decided to become a really loud and bossy this week. Is she a he?


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Well it does have large comb and wattles for age, but has a very feminine body. Also doesn't really seem to have saddle feathers and pointy tail feathers. I would say pullet, but it might take time to tell for sure.
Based on age and the big fluffy body, it's a pullet getting ready to lay. I see no male feathers at all. My avatar is my 5 month old BO cockerel and you can see a huge difference.
Pullet. Looks just like my girls and they just started laying light brown eggs. Keep an eye out for eggs!

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