Buff Orpington sick need help


Feb 19, 2019
My Lottie started to sit by herself with eyes closed and her droppings were watery and not right. I live in Az and it's been high heat of 110. All my girls seem to be doing good but her. I have misters and pools of water for them to stand in and regular frozen treats. She seems to be more then just hot though. I brought her in the house and that helped slightly. She is eating and drinking very very little. Her feathers are dull and her droppings still dont look good. Any suggestions would be great....thank you


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How old is she? Does she lay eggs? If you have some Poultry NutriDrench, give her some drops up to 2 ml daily, or you can give her water with electrolytes, Pedialyte or Gatorade. Feel of her crop to see if it is empty and flat, full and hard, or puffy. Try offering some chopped scrambled egg, and try wetting her chicken feed (just a small amount in a small bowl.) If she seems hot try to soak her in some cool, not freezing water.

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