Buff Orpington vs New Hampshire Red


9 Years
Feb 25, 2010
Okay - here's another question - no picture this time. In January we bought some chicks from our local feed store - we bought one NH Red chick and a few others. Anyway, this weekend we bought what was sold to me as a Buff Orpington but when I brought it home it looked VERY similar to the NH Red I had bought. They both have black tips on their tail feathers. Any idea what chickens I have w/o pictures.

Many production breeders mix a little RIR into their Buffs. Reason being, most folks rate a chicken on how many eggs she lays. The production Buff's I had laid egg for egg with my production RIR's. That maybe what you have. Till they grow out you won't know. IF they fill out more orange then gold you know why.

I saved this pic for a comparison of what a 1/2 RIR and 1/2 Buff Orp hen looks like. If your babies look like her color wise their prolly having RIR in them. She's the Redneck girl in the front

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Here is a picture of what we were told was a Buff Orpington if that will help.

Buff Orp girls can get "smut" or "peppering" on their tail feathers. It's not wanted- but it happens. They should never have actual black feathers. Maybe someone at the feed store just didn't know their birds very well.

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