Buff Orpington, waterfall feathers are round not pointy


10 Years
Apr 22, 2009
SO I had previously posted on this little "guy" and was told boy. But after looking at his feathers more I see that his saddle feathers are round and not pointy. His comb has stayed the same for about two weeks now. Gotten a bit more red on the wattles, but thats about it...




Him as a baby... super cutie


How old? Roos don't typically start getting their pointy saddle and hackle feathers until around 3 months old. Even then, the feathers may not be obvious since they will come in underneath the existing juvenile feathers. I'm still seeing a lot of baby fluff on your little one so I don't think it's old enough yet to show/have the pointy saddle and hackle feathers if it is a male.
I just read in on of my poultry magazines that someone said they sex there chicks 100% by looking at their tail feathers when they are 1 to 2 weeks old and if the tail feathers are 1 to 2 inches long than they are boys and the little girls have hardly any tail feathers,so I have 11 babies a week old and looked at them and she was right some had a lot longer tail feathers,they are bo babies.Now will wait and see it this works,So I am saying you have a rooster.
Just wanted to add that my BO roo's saddle feathers are much more rounded than my roos/cockerals. He is about 20 weeks old and is most definitely roo!

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