Buff Orpingtons-tell me about them


9 Years
Sep 8, 2010
So I'm getting some buff orpingtons. Someone tell me about them:) Disposition, broodiness, care, etc
My Buff Orpingtons are definitely my most docile chickens. They're very sweet, good layers, and in my experience, frequent brooders. They're also really beautiful to watch foraging in the yard.
They are very docile, and so are usually low in the pecking order of a mixed flock. They are big beautiful fluffy golden birds. Because of their abundant plumage, they stay pretty warm during the winter while laying a bunch of eggs. They love to go broody, so don't expect many eggs from them in the summer.
Males grow pretty big and plump as far as dual-purpose breeds go. If you're after a excellent feed-efficient layer, then you shouldn't get Buff Orpingtons. Because of their large body size they eat more than other production breeds, and they also will be broody during a fair part of the summer, during which they won't lay. But they're an excellent breed if you want great broody hens and great winter layers.
Here is our Buff Orpington Roo at 6 months. He is a gentle giant!!! We have 3 Buff Orpington girls to go with him. Can't complain. Girls are already laying nice size eggs and have great dispositions. I do agree that the hens are lower in the pecking order in our mixed flock, but now they are getting larger than the other hens, things seem to be evening out. I highly recommend!

Here is mine.. I will be getting some more of these.. She's in a mixed flock with 2 BR, 2 SS, and 3 EE.. She isn't on the bottom, but 3rd up. My SS are the lowest on the pecking order. BUT she is the friendliest, my BR's are next, then my EE roo, followed up by by SS, the EE pullets are my least friendliest. BUT they are all friendly.

Her name is Ms. Buffington. In this pic she was 9 weeks old.. She is a whole whopping 11 weeks old now..
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One of my BO hens is the Alpha hen in my flock. She is a GREAT broody, bossy but fair with the other girls, laid large eggs all winter, has a naked back most of the time because she is Vern's favorite. I got my BO's from Cackle hatchery for a laying flock and they do a good job of it. They aren't my friendliest chickens, but they are mostly calm (okay, except for the crazy one who screams all day and taught her sister to do the same, LOL)

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