Buff Orpingtons vs Buff Brahmas


8 Years
Apr 4, 2014
Hi I was looking to add to my small flock of 2 speckled sussex with buff orps or buff brahmas. Will you share your thoughts and experiences on these two breeds? I'm looking for a friendly and quiet bird.
Well, I do not have any Brahmas but my neighbor does (Light) and they seem friendly enough. I do have a few light Brahmas in my order for this season but have not got them yet so I can not say.

On the other hand I do have 18 Buff Orpingtons and like them. Most of them are very, very calm and docile. Most let me pick them up and or pet them. All will eat from my hand. None are very chicken aggressive and find themselves at the bottom of the pecking order with my other breeds. They are okay layers, at best and only forage okay as well. If that is important to you. The eat a lot too!

Overall they are great birds. Another friendly bird, in my experience, is the Barred Rock.

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