Buff Rock/Buff Orphington Hatch....first eggs in my incubator in years !!!!


5 Years
Apr 8, 2014

My husband had to transfer suddenly and I had to give away all my birds....So I have a new house and a new batch of chickens incubator is heating up it has been holding its temp for 2 days now.....My flock is Buff Orphs and Buff Rocks.....I find the Buff Rocks grow a little faster and lay a bigger egg for me....I love the BOs.....so being both these birds lay amazing....grow fast and I have not had one single problem with illness even as bad as this winter was I have decided for my first hatch I have had a Buff Roo over 3 BO hens and I BR Hen for a month now and these eggs I am going to hatch .....I also had my BO roo over 3 BO hens....so now I will truly be able to see what birds preform the best.....

My pet and love is Robin my black silkie and she has given me three eggs as far as this morning maybe one more by today when I set the eggs...and she is with her beloved mate Batman an amazing Silkie roo....I want to create a hatching flock of silkies to do hatching for me....

It is nice to be here :) have had chickens for years and I have learned more in a few days peeking around on this site than I have in all the years I have had birds.....Thank you all so much :)

So today into the bator goes....

6 eggs BR/BO
6 eggs BO/BO
3 eggs silkie
Good luck with your incubation!
Incubation was going wonderful until the tornados hit and we lost power for 48 hours just a few days before they were to hatch....I wrapped the incubator in wool blankets but I lost all but three....so bought them a few little friends so the brooder would not be so empty....I love colorful eggs and found a man here with some beautiful Amercuanas .....and even had a few olive eggers....so here we go again set them yesterday still a bit heart broke I lost the other ones....

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