Buff Silkies in Tennessee $8 each


10 Years
Mar 23, 2009
Cleveland, Tennessee
I'm going through some of my silkies to sell. They are from Mike Lee, a quality show line. However these are not show quality, but would make great breeders for someone starting out. They are lavender silkies mixed with buff silkies. The reason why the colors were mixed is to produce a more clear buff line - as lavender in buffs dilutes the dark feathers in the variety. The ones I'm selling did not come out clear so they are being culled (as in sold not killed). These are old enough to be outside and have been so for some time now. The genders are still unsure but I can give you an educated guess.

I can not ship. So you must come get them. I'm willing to drive up to 30 miles to meet those who are coming from a long distance. I live in Cleveland, Tn. I'm asking $8 a bird.

These are pet quality silkies only. The toes are fine, the fathering is fine. But the color is off.

I have 1 3-4 week old unsexed started chick. And a hen and rooster that is around 2-3 months old.




Gorgeous! I only have one pen for one color. Love white animals.
Always have. But very nice.
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thanks. I do the same pretty much. I keep most my birds seperated by color. however I didnt breed these. I got them from Mike Lee as very young chicks. the only silkies I keep in mixed pens is my blue and splash silkies. Unless you count the chicks that are way too young to breed together, they are in the teenager pen
lol yeah I suck at building pens on a timely mannor too. But when I get in the flow of things I go at it. Im sort of slacking on getting the doors put on right on one of my pens and painting 2 others. lol

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