Buff - watery white poo, eyes closed, slight wheezing,

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    Mar 30, 2014
    South Jersey
    Help! I lost a chicken about 2 weeks ago... (autopsy done and no results yet... a little white on the liver.... waiting for biopsy)
    now I have a Buff that is sleepy, and watery white poo, little wheeze
    I did worm her about 4 weeks ago and gave another dose incase that was too low 2 days ago. I did see little worms a month ago in her stool.
    The flock has been wormed. Seven dust in coop paper shredding, and they free range.
    She is in the house from 5pm-11am or - she likes to lay in the sun and walk around... she is just happier outside
    and I think happiness does help them heal...
    Thanks for reading and any suggestions. I may take her to vet....

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