Buffs all stopped laying.

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10 Years
Jul 22, 2009
Edmond, OK
I have 10 buffs and an arconda. They almost all are about 8 months old. They were laying 9-11 eggs per day since July. About a week ago the count went down to 2-3 then 1. Now we are not getting any.
What could cause this.
They also get to free range in the yard and get greens. And yep I have search every inch of the bushes and yard to find where they may be hiding. By now it would be a pile.
First thing that comes to mind is molting. If they're molting, they won't be laying. If they're not molting, try keeping them in for a couple of days and see if they're laying. Keep in mind that some birds molt really obviously and others are less discernible. Are they dropping feathers around? Does the coop look like someone had a pillow fight? That's what comes to mind.
There are some feathers in the coop.
I also just found girl one dead. Looks like work of a raccoon. He drug the bird out into the yard and gutted and torn it up but looks like did not eat anything.
And my idiot neighbor talks about losing his fish from his pool then how cute it is when the raccoon comes up to the back door and eats the cat food. Does not get the connection fool.

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