Bugs....I think Mites


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Jun 17, 2011
I recently purchased 3 sex links, 18wks, from a farm. I can see some kind of bugs under their feathers. I have them separated from my other 5 for now. Ive been using DE on them but I don't think it's going to get into the feathers enough. Is there anything else I can use to get rid of the bugs? Thanks for any suggestions.
Probably mites.
5% Sevin and dust them real good get it under wings and everywhere as well as bedding, on roosts and everywhere the chickens have been.
Give them all a good bath with dawn dish soap. The green color soap. It kills bugs great!
Then I would treat them for mites and lice and you should be good to go

Do a search and you can see what all people use to treat for bugs. DE will NOT help!
I recommend you use sevin dust. Dust the inside of their coop, roosts and nests. Redust them again and inside the coop in 10 days to kill nits hatched from eggs since the first dusting.

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