Bugs in chick starter?


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Feb 28, 2011
I just poured out zone chick starter and saw something crawling around in it. Looked closer and they are a little bigger than a flea and more red in color. What could they be? What are they from? I'm a new chick mom and this really threw me off this morning. Should I throw out all the feed? Thanks for the help!!
is it new? if so, return it to the store. otherwise, i'd throw it away and go get more. it should be kept closed/sealed in order to keep in its freshness.
Yes it is new and I always keep it sealed so nothing will get in. It's so strange! Thanks for the advice!
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i don't know- if it were me i might consider it extra entertainment for the chicks? but seriously sounds like maybe weavels? call the feed store
Lol! Enertainment for them
love it!!
once they figure out a bug is food- it is hilarious! like buying them crickets or mealworms- one will grab it and the chase is on!
I have to agree the chase is on and fun to sit and watch lol never know who will get the prize....

I have to say keeping bugs out isn't always easy but I add some diatomaceous earth it keeps bugs out of the feed and added natural help for the chicks. But be sure its food safe cause there is one that is poison so BE CAREFUL IF YOU BUY SOME. I got mine thru the local health food store and a little goes along way.
Bugs in food isn't a problem unless:

1. they have already consumed some of the feed, leaving behind clumps and "junk food" that isn't the full nutrition you wanted for the chickens


2. they are GOING to consume most of the feed before you get a chance to feed it. If your flock is small and your bag is large, I'd return it.

Someone who doesn't have a lot of chickens might be feeding inferior feed by the time you get to the bottom of the bag, the bugs having eaten the good stuff.


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