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    Apr 5, 2012
    just got six new hens to add to our three. i was just now holding one to get her accustomed to me, and to check her over. i found little light coloured, oval bugs on her, about an inch below her vent.

    i called the vet and he said to put sevin dust on her. i wish there was an alternative treatment, but if this is the best thing to do, i will go out to the shed and get the sevin.

    i strongly dislike the bad kind of bugs. i want to eliminate them now. today.

    i really need some advice. help. ahhhh!
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    Oct 27, 2012
    Noxious LICE. Many advice the use of diatomaceous Earth, ALIAS fossil Flour on the offencive Pests.
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    I would keep the new birds separate from your original birds until the bugs are cleared up. It's also a good idea to quarantine new birds in case to protect the health of your flock.

    Sevin dust does work the best but its a very strong chemical. You could try a poultry dust, wood ash or DE first and see if that solves the problem and only result to sevin if need be. Up to you. Be sure to whatever you choose to dust again in 7-10 days as no dust will kill the eggs so you will need to get the new bugs that hatch.

    You mite want to google image search and look at poultry mites and poultry lice. Mites can actually live in wood and bedding so additional clean up may be needed with mites.
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