Building a 4x4 coop..need suggestions please

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    Aug 20, 2008
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    Yet another coop

    We have to build a 4x4 for our 8-10wk old chicks/teens before it starts getting really cold here. Currently they are living in a really big dog house, but thats not gonna work for too much longer. So I want some ideas of really easy coop plans or ideas for our coop.

    We will be lifting it off the ground and it will need space for two nest boxes. All I can picture in my head is a square on legs with a side part for the nest boxes.

    Does anyone have any plans they can post, or know of some online we can look at?

    Thanks so much,

    ~Caran (hogging Craigs account again...sheesh maybe I should just login on my on
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    Aug 31, 2008
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    When we built our coop we put a small door behind the nesting boxes. This is so we can access the nests with out going into the coop or the run. Great for kids. They don't come running into the house with poo on thier shoes from going inside the run/coop.[​IMG]
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    At the top of the Forum Index page, click on "coop designs" and you should be able to find loads of examples!! Good luck!

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