building a coop

Wow, looks like a lot of effort went into building your coop and run. Nice job! Have you moved the chicks in yet?
I am trying to figure out how to attach the run to the coop. Did you dig a hole for the run post right next to the coop main vertical support post? Did you fasten the run post to your coop? Thanks for any advise you may have.
Wow you did an awesome job!
sorry for the delayed response I been very busy haven't been online. thanks! ya it was a little more effort than I expected lol and to answer your question yes I dug the the post down and to attach it to the coop I just nailed it from the inside but make sure you locate the center of the support from the inside. I missed a few nails oops! good luck I would be happy to help with any thing else you might need. ive been a carpenter for 19 years.
HereChickiChick, thank you for taking the time to post your photos! Looks like you have a variety of chicks.....sooo cute. Again, your run and coop are awesome. Outstanding. We are hoping to finish our run this week, it's been quite a challenge on a slope. It has cost over $2000 so far, not a cheap endeavour.
Best of luck with your new flock

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