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I want to build a pond for our ducks. A medium size river runs through our backyard so we have unlimited water supply. Is there a way to pump water from the river to the pond and then back to the river? Would we need to use a filter? I would love to see pictures of ponds you have made for ideas.


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Feb 28, 2013
NW Hills of CT
Since you have the water supply, diverting some for a pond should be no issue. If you have a perfect setup, you can put the pond slightliy below the stream, so water flows into the pond without a pump, and then flows out back into the stream. Obviously, the flow has to be downstream at all times! If you can't do this, then you will need a pump to push the water from the stream up into the pond. The size of your pond will influence the size pump you need. Ducks are incredibly messy, so you want to change the water daily, or several times a day, so calculate the # of gallons in your pond (7.5 gallons per cubic foot) and get a pump that will pump 2-3 times this amount per day. Also factor in the height from the stream to the top of the pond, as height, or pump head will reduce the pumps capacity of gallons pe hour. To return the water, simply place a pipe at the opposite end of the pond from the pump that goes from the pond back to the stream. Since your pump will be running 24/7, you will want to pay attention to the # of watts the pump uses. A high efficiency pump uses less power for the same amount of water movement, so this will save you money in the long run, and while the high efficiency pump may cost a little more to buy, you will reap the cost benefits every month when you get your electric bill!

I am lucky enough to have a 2 acre pond that is spring fed. We raise mallard ducks, and also have wild mallards, canadian geese, wood ducks, merganser ducks, beaver, otter and other visitors like moose, coyotes, bobcat and deer. I raise a flock of mallards, and when they are capable of flight, I move them from the coop / pen to the pond, and they live on the pond until they migrate. Then each spring, some return to the pond. I started with ducks 2 years ago, and just this past Saturday, the first returning duck came back. He was on the pond, and then flew up to the house to get at that duck food he knew would be there.

I am trying to figure out how to build an island in the middle of the pond, as that would give the ducks much better protection from predators and such. I am also in the process of clearing many of the trees and brush on the left side of the pond to make it lawn and provide less opportunities for predators to ambush passing ducks!


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