building chicken coops for dummies walk in front wall framing error?

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    Aug 2, 2011
    Hi. I am building the Walk-in coop p 251-268 of the book? Can any one tell me if the rough opening width of the door on the front wall given on p 254 is correct? The headers are given as 39 3/4 inches wide and this would give a rough opening of 34 3/4 inches. This must be too big for the door... Anyone encounter this issue? Perhaps Rob Ludlow might be able to help.
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    I sent an email to Dave @ Horizon Structures (who helped with the dimensions / plans) to see what he thinks.
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    I made this coop and seem to remember there was an error in the measurements for the door. I sent corrected measurements for the book but I can't find that email. I adjusted the measurements using the door width as the "starting point". Hope this helps.
    ETA - Just found my comments that I sent in:
    I bought the Chicken Coops for Dummies book and have started making the Walk in Coop. The measurements for the front wall framing (pg 254) are not correct. Either the door header pieces should only be 34" or the measurement to the right jack stud should be 44 1/4". To keep with the other measurements for the studs, I would suggest shortening the door header to 34". I would also suggest giving the measurements for the left studs for the right and left walls if possible. It would make building the frames for those walls a little easier since you would know where to start putting the studs. I want to say that I have really enjoyed the book and it has given me the courage to go out and do this by myself, I was just a little disappointed that the measurements were off on the front wall and it didn't occur to me until after I started framing it out. I was able to adjust the frame to make it work but I thought that I had messed up when assembling the wall.
    Hope this helps
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    I checked the book, if you would call me at 610-593-7710 i would be happy to walk you through it. My name is Dave, i will be waiting for your call. Thanks

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