BUILDING coop with windows & questions . . . .


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Jan 8, 2010
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Hi I want to start building my coop when the weather gets warmer and i have a few questions . . .
1. I am looking into using Pallets. If I were to use them, is everyone using the pallets as the frame and putting up wood walls on All sides ?

2. Should i put insulation in between the pallet. . . and then put wood walls on ?

3. I happen to have a vertical window that is about 5 feet tall and about a foot wide, i want to us it in the coop how do i go about cutting the pallets to put it in? or should i sandwhich it between two pallets and on the other side that i dont have a window just fill it in will a wood strip ?

Thanks :) I am sure I will have more questions but here they are for now
Where are you located?
I live in Michigan (Really cold winters) and i didn't insulate my first coop. I just close it up at night the birds acclimate to it. I don't have a heat bulb in it either. I will be insulating my new one I am building to help prevent the water from freezing.

I think most people disassemble the pallets and reuse the wood for siding and such on a 2X4 structure??? thats what I would do any way.

for the window you would probably have to frame it with some 2X4's, I think that would be the best most secure way of doing it.
Glad you asked if you decide to use them as a whole yes I would stick it between for warmth in the winter and cool in the summer now some folks decide to take the wood off and tile it to the 2x4 frame if you choose to do that then I fell you might want to put it inside then put thin plywood over it to build the wall it just depends on where you live cause you don't want them to hot or to cold yet you don't want drafts either so do what you feel is right for your flock and you.

Good luck and happy building (Also look on the coop building page I belive that a granmother named judy had built one and has pics on there you may want to talk to her)
thank you guys for your input

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